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Let me introduce myself. My name is Iva and I’m newborn,kids,family photographer based in Belfast.I am mother of 2 children.As a mum I realized how important is to keep amazing moments,MAKE IT LAST!

Photography it’s my huge passion. That  what gives my smile on my face. I have to admit I’m absolutely addicted.

I’m lucky because I live my life doing what I really love. I can truly say I want to do this for the rest of my life.

I believe good photography is a lifetime investment. I have to admit newborn photography is my favourite,big passion.I love to document  new baby in those amazing wee curled up images we all love. Is there any chance not love this job? I don’t think so 🙂


I need to tell you that every time before every session I am very nervous. Thousands questions in my head: Is the baby gonna fall asleep? Am I gonna take photos which are in my head? Is the baby gonna „cooperate” with me? But you know what,whenever the baby is in my hand all stress just go away. It’s always like that. That’s the moment I like no I love 🙂 I enjoy the moment when I have to put baby to sleep. They just relax in my hands in a cosy,warm blanket. Then I can start pose the baby. I can’t wait for another baby!!!

I’ve got few hours to keep these unrepeated,unique,special moments. MAKE THEM LAST. I have a lot of blankets a lot of a accessories but I wanted to try doing my props like: rompers,hats,head bands. Why not? My unique props 🙂 What do u think about them? Be gentle please.







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